Our Mission

We are here for all levels of fitness. If you had to already be in shape to train with us we would be pretty horrible trainers. I want SOLDIERFIT to show everyone that fitness can empower you and that it can change your life for the better. Fitness has showed me that everything is possible if we are just willing to work for it.

While we tailor every workout to accommodate all levels of fitness it will never be “easy”, nor should it be. What comes easy won’t last and what lasts won’t come easy. So if you’re ready to work for what you want then I promise you’ve found your home. On behalf of all the Cadre here at SOLDIERFIT. Welcome to the Family. Pride, Not Ego.

“I want soldierfit to be more than just a Fitness Company. I want us to be a dream factory, where no one is afraid to date to set high goals and then go out and accomplish them. I know what it feels like to always be picked last because I was too out of shape to keep up with the other kids. I know what its like to not want to go to the Beach or the pool party because you dont want to take your shirt off.

Danny Farrar

Meet The Team

Our team consists of over 100 Cadre from trainers, coaches, member success managers, barracks commanders, recruitment and retention reps, and more. Since we couldn't add everyone, here is a sneak peek of some of our Team Members from HQ.


“To revitalize the American Dream by creating a culture of civic engagement, humility, and unyielding optimism for the future”

Join the SOLDIERFIT Team, where strength, resilience, and community unite to transform lives. If you’re looking for a career that goes beyond the ordinary, where you can make a real impact and be a part of an inspiring journey, you’ve come to the right place. Join us in our mission to empower individuals, build strong communities, and create lasting positive change.

WE ARE dedicated to instilling discipline, confidence, and a sense of purpose in every individual who walks through our doors. We believe in challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries, and helping people uncover their full potential. When you join our team, you become a crucial part of a movement that transforms lives for the better.

Discover a range of fulfilling roles at SOLDIERFIT that cater to a diverse set of skills and interests that include, trainers, coaches, sales, managers, admin, and more!

We like those that take initiative and you should too! Reach out the Location nearest you to see what openings and opportunities are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in great shape to do this?

A: No, if you had to be in great shape for us to train you we’d be pretty horrible trainers. At every station, you will be given a progression and regression. Every work out is scalable to your particular fitness levels.

Will I be yelled at?

A: No, consider us your friendly drill sergeants. We know that in a group setting everyone wants to do great. So the last thing you need is added yelling for motivation. Often, especially for beginners, the opposite is what is needed. We will encourage you to take as many breaks as you need. Remember it’s not about intensity. It’s about consistency.

What do I bring?

A: A water bottle ( or you can purchase in the location) and a smile! We will provide the rest!

What should I wear?

A: Comfortable clothing, t-shirt or tank top. Men cannot remove their shirt and women cannot wear sports bras only.

How many calories does the average Soldierfit class burn?

A: This will vary greatly based on the individual, but we see on average, “troops” burn 500-700 Calories per class.

Is this a competitive environment?

A: NO. We don’t care if you can run faster than us. Congrats, you are tired first. All jokes aside we will never see how you rank in class.

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