SOLDIERFIT is your family and your higher level of fitness!
All workouts work! But why hasn’t one worked for you? Because you haven’t found a family. The fitness industry is filled with companies promising that their program is the latest and greatest way to achieve long-lasting results. The truth is that every program WILL produce results IF you do the work! Consistency over time is what will generate long lasting results. The key to consistency? Family.

Don’t let our name scare you, our community is unlike any other fitness program: welcoming, friendly, supportive, and fun. Reach a higher level of fitness and health within our community.

Boot Camp SOLDIERFIT is a functional fitness program, with locations all over the United States. The SOLDIERFIT program encompasses training, camaraderie, all fitness levels, and much more.
A Higher Level of Fitness

When you become part of something bigger than yourself and extend your goals to those around you, that community will hold you accountable and support you through your journey.

They encourage you to push forward when you’re tired – and let’s be honest, we’re all tired at some point! Whether you start your day with our 5:30AM Boot Camp or you pack your workout gear to join us after work, you are going to have days where you feel rundown. When we’re left to our own devices, we give in to the voices telling us we’re too tired to work out – and if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve felt this way, too.

The key to ending the vicious cycle of starting and stopping your workout routine isn’t some revolutionary new workout on the latest app or crazy diets. It’s having people who care about you and your goals. When you’re counting on each other to show up, you show up!

Results are the byproduct of doing the work and with dedicated trainers and a huge community of support, you will be motivated to show up, put in the work, and become the best that you can be.


Share your testimonial with us!

Sylvia Schneider I wrote my last review of Soldierfit's Frederick location several years ago, so I thought it's time to submit another one. The best thing is, I'm still a troop and loving it more than ever. I've never been a joiner, and I generally dislike the anonymity of your run-of-the-mill gym with its gleaming machines that I mainly don't know how to use. So that never stuck. Soldierfit stuck for going on seven years now and for so many reasons. I love the bootcamps, they're always fun, always different, never boring. I love the people -- the ones that teach bootcamp and the fellow troops. Such a nice bunch. So much so, that I'll show up a little early every time just to chat. I love that there are all body types. There's a wonderful diversity. And everyone is so encouraging and supportive. Yes, it's a workout and it's sweaty and as challenging as you want it to be, but to me these days, it's pure and simple fun. There's a huge feeling of belonging and having found a happy place. It's family. If you're looking for a place (sappiness alert!) "where they always know your name and they're always glad you came" and all with a killer workout any time it fits your schedule, Soldierfit is for you. ~ Sylvia Schneider Patrei Ningen The happiest day of my life is the day I joined SoldierFit. This past year has been the most amazing experience. The intensity of the boot camp program gives me everything I need. I often do two classes a day because I cannot get enough. I have never been this strong or this confident in my entire life. There are some things I cannot do so I modify as needed. Everyone is incredibly supportive and encouraging and not just at the gym but outside as well. #WEARE a family! ~ Patrei Ningen Brenda Romero Soldierfit Silver Spring is an amazing facility. I ve been there for 5 months and all I want to say is that they offer a different and effective workout experience. Classes are challenging; however, you won’t be alone in this process. Trainers and team members will be constantly motivating yourself to not give up. I definitely recommend anyone who is looking a different workout routine to choose Soldierfit!!! They will love it as much as I do!! #PrideNotEgo ~ Brenda Romero  Melanie Simmons I just love Soldierfit! The classes are designed to challenge you but not destroy you. The first class is the hardest and each day it gets better. The motivation from the instructors and your fellow troops is invaluable. We all have fitness goals and we are working together to reach them! The friendly atmosphere, the gym and the extra classes offered makes this a great place to work out. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed. ~ Melanie Simmons Emily Love I completed my first class yesterday and loved it! I was honestly very nervous before the bootcamp class because it was my first time really exercising since having my baby. I didn't think I would make it through the warmup but I made it through the whole class! The instructor was very encouraging and motivating. When Bootcamp ended the other participants came up to me and said what a great job I did. It felt awesome! I have taken classes at other gyms and felt like I was being judged but not at Soldierfit. There is zero judgement, 100% encouragement. If you are new to exercise and think you can't, you can! Join Soldierfit! ~ Emily Love