Boot Camp Class

First Timers


Do I need to be in great shape to do this?

A: No, if you had to be in great shape for us to train you we’d be pretty horrible trainers. At every station, you will be given a progression and regression. Every work out is scalable to your particular fitness levels.

Will I be yelled at?

A: No, consider us your friendly drill sergeants. We know that in a group setting everyone wants to do great. So the last thing you need is added yelling for motivation. Often, especially for beginners, the opposite is what is needed. We will encourage you to take as many breaks as you need. Remember it’s not about intensity. It’s about consistency.

What do I bring?

A: A water bottle ( or you can purchase in the location) and a smile! We will provide the rest!

What should I wear?

A: Comfortable clothing, t-shirt or tank top. Men cannot remove their shirt and women cannot wear sports bras only.

How many calories does the average Soldierfit class burn?

A: This will vary greatly based on the individual, but we see on average, “troops” burn 500-700 Calories per class.

Is this a competitive environment?

A: NO. We don’t care if you can run faster than us. Congrats, you are tired first. All jokes aside we will never see how you rank in class.

Gym Hours

5 AM - 9 PM
5 AM - 9 PM
8 AM - 1 PM
8 AM - 1 PM

*SOLDIERFIT gym hours may vary among locations. Check your location's page for more info.