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Three Trends in the Health Club Industry

The face of gym culture is changing, and it’s never looked better. Seeking alternatives to the iron-pumping tradition, fitness fanatics everywhere are thinking of creative ways to feel the burn. Communal sessions, functional workouts, and holistic programs geared toward total wellness are making room for novices and seasoned members alike. Check out some trends we’re following in fitness franchising:

Group classes—Dumbbells, kettlebells, doorbells—when you’re a newcomer to the fitness scene, learning your way around a gym can be tough! Many business owners are inviting exercise enthusiasts to workout together in a fun and encouraging group format. From boot camp style training—like our own U.S. military-inspired program—to specialized boutique studios, these classes foster confidence and teamwork while engaging guests in a full-body, high-energy workout.

Individualized Attention—Industry leaders are trading in a one-size-fits-all fitness approach for tailored consultation methods. Visitors can count on more trainers to consider their unique health history and goals. When every detail of your training is customized for your needs, there’s no need for comparison. This feature can effectively eliminate the urge to compare, allowing visitors to focus on becoming the best version of themselves.

Prioritizing Nutrition—Recent research suggests that a regular exercise regimen is only half the battle. Complementing your gym sessions with a balanced diet can boost your chances of losing weight and keeping it off. In response, fitness clubs are helping members embrace healthy eating as a lifestyle change. In addition to providing one-on-one nutrition consultations and support, today’s trainers encourage members to lean into community and practice accountability in their journey to healthier living.

In an effort to welcome all shapes and sizes, health club owners are considering new features that help visitors look and feel great. As more members discover that the weight rack isn’t the only route to a six-pack, the future of the workout world is as bright and shiny as the old-school metal of gym days past.