Boot Camp Class

SOLDIERFIT Edgewater is customer-centered, providing award winning boot camp workouts! Our 40-minute total body workouts are a combination of body resistance movements and exercises using non-traditional equipment including kettle bells, battle ropes, tire flipping, and more. Our revolutionary design allows for people of all ages and fitness levels to participate in our fun and challenging workouts. We are the industry leader in Boot Camp classes in a facility with over 5,000 sf and a space for group Boot Camp classes spanning over 3,000 sf of fresh turf.

An additional gym area with new equipment is available for independent workouts or personalized training for clients whether one-on-one or in a semi-private small group setting. For customers or “troops” interested in supercharging their workouts, these targeted trainings deliver results!

Open 7 days a week with over 140 Boot Camp classes offered monthly, Edgewater and Annapolis area members enjoy varying degrees of access depending on the plan chosen. Plans range from single gym access with gym only privileges to Boot Camp membership plans with access to all SOLDIERFIT locations within the continental U.S.

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