Personal Training

Individual and Group Personal Training
The SOLDIERFIT personal training program includes individual training as well as a group personal training program. Individual and Group training are offered at all of our locations.
Advanced Individual Training

Hey sometimes it needs to be all about you! That’s what our AIT (Advanced Individual Training) program is all about! SOLDIERFIT AIT incorporates elements of our boot camp as well as more advanced training methods. The exact training regimen is based on your goals and current physical conditioning. You get your very own “Black Hat” who will be there to personally guide your physical fitness development!

Whether you dislike crowds, have pre-existing medical conditions, or if you simply want to workout on your own schedule SOLDIERFIT has you covered! With our AIT program you get to be in charge! You can chose one of our convenient barracks, pick your trainer, and pick the days / times per week where you meet them.

Your initial consultation is FREE! So what are you waiting for “recruit”?
Spec Ops

SOLDIERFIT SPEC OPS consists of 6-8 people training together as a group. Even in the military we realized that sometimes the mission calls for a smaller unit focused on a specific goal. Enter our Spec ops. These groups are formed with a specific mission in mind. Maybe it’s training for a marathon, pre/post natal, or power lifting competition. Regardless of the goal everyone in your Spec ops group has the same one! Together you will band together and be each others support as your Black Hat guides the group until you can all proudly say mission accomplished! The SPEC OPS program runs for a period of three months and is held at all SOLDIERFIT barracks.

The highly focused training is also ideal for individuals preparing for an obstacle run, football season or any other challenging physical endeavour that requires top physical conditioning. Every workout is tailored to the specific needs of the group. At the terminus of the program, the group will have the physical tools to achieve mission success.

To further the success of the team, each new “recruit” will receive a membership to the SOLDIERFIT Functional Fitness Gym. The SOLDIERFIT Gym is the catalyst to building the physical strength and endurance you’ll need to complete the training and make your team a success.

Are you ready for the mission? The team is counting on you to overcome adversity and make the next mission a success, but can’t succeed without you.

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