Why Gym Selfies Could Be Hurting Your Workout

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Everywhere you go it seems like someone is taking a selfie. We have selfie sticks, a seemingly unending list of filters and the constant urge to share everything on social media. One particular location that’s a favorite for selfie-takers can be the gym. For some people it provides motivation… but it turns out that stopping your workout to snap that perfect picture could be hurting your workout.

Reduced Concentration

When all of a person’s focus is on snapping selfies while they’re in the gym, it means their not focusing as intensely on their actual workout. After all, the workout is the reason why anyone goes to the gym in the first place.

In order to get the best workout, whether you’re lifting weights or doing cardio, to keep your heart rate up. Stopping in between exercises to snap a selfie is allowing your heart rate to drop… stopping you from keeping your ideal heart rate for the workout. Of course it is important to rest, but you may end up taking longer breaks than you would have trying to snap that perfect picture.

Body Shaming and Appearance Anxiety

People who take gym selfies may not feel as though they’re getting validation or attention by taking a pic at the gym, but the constant attention from followers and friends may make people start to tie their self worth to how many “likes” they get. Posting gym selfies on social media encourages the public to judge the people in the photos by their looks. This can lead to negative feelings like inadequacy and unworthiness… both from the person taking the picture and the people viewing it.


Why You Should Take a “Wefie” Instead

At Soldierfit we encourage taking what we call “wefies.” Photos of you and your fellow “troops” after a successful boot camp class. During the class your ultra focused on getting the best workout you can. Then after you can celebrate with a photo! And while a gym selfie can cause body shaming and appearance anxiety… “Wefies” are about motivation and celebrating friendships and teamwork. Don’t take the over-posed gym selfie… show yourself celebrating after a fun workout with the people who got you through it.

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