How to Make Those Resolutions Stick… Even if You’re Struggling

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So it’s March. We’re now two months into the new year, and chances are most of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions. For the lucky few of us still holding on, it may seem more and more difficult to stay on track. Well don’t worry, you can still keep those resolutions… or get back on track if you’ve already fallen a little short. Below are a list of ways to help make those resolutions stick for the rest of 2018.


Set Specific Goals and Track Progress

While deciding to slim down or get into shape in the coming year is a popular resolution, goals that are poorly defined or that may be too vague are far less likely to be achieved. Setting specific goals so that progress can be more easily quantified, tracked and measured makes it much easier to stay motivated in the long term. Making it a habit to track progress means that instances of procrastination or backsliding may be more readily identified and addressed.

Be Realistic

Goals that are set too high or expecting to produce results that are noticeable or significant in the short-term are common mistakes that could lead to giving up on a resolution. Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, giving up a vice or breaking an addition or other challenging resolutions often depend upon incremental progress that may be painfully slow. Real change often takes time and those who may be expecting immediate results or who may be chasing unrealistic goals with their resolutions could quickly find themselves struggling to stay motivated.


Creating the Right Schedule

Effective time management is often crucial when it comes to building momentum, cementing a new habit or crafting the right day to day routine. Taking a new class or trying to get out to the track or gym a few days each week can often be a bigger commitment than many people might realize. Even seemingly minor resolutions like attempting to declutter the home or reorganizing the office will be easier to accomplish thanks to the right schedule.

Imperfect Results Still Count

Taking an ‘all or nothing’ approach to a resolution can be nothing short of disastrous. Restarting efforts due to early missteps or becoming frustrated due to early setbacks or inconsistent efforts can be absolutely toxic in terms of staying motivated. No matter the goal, some progress is better than nothing and those who make an extra effort to celebrate accomplishments rather than to beat themselves up over past mistakes and inconsistencies are far more likely to stick with their resolution throughout the year.

Crafting the Right Strategy

An effective strategy may be far more important for accomplishing a New Year’s resolution than sheer willpower. A little planning and preparation can go a long way towards making even the most challenging aspects of change far more surmountable. Trying to cultivate, harness and manage motivation effectively and over the long term rather than attempting a brute-force approach could hold the key to greater success. Taking the right attitude and approach can make all the difference when it comes to sticking with a resolution, even in the face of early setbacks.

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