7 Ways Personal Trainers Can Fail Their Clients

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When you really want to get in shape, a personal trainer is sometimes the best way to go. You get personalized workouts for your exact body types and goals. Unfortunately, it is easy for anyone today to present themselves as a professional. Before wasting a lot of time and money, be on the lookout for bad personal trainers who fail their clients by doing the 7 below things:

1. Promising a Quick Fix

A good number of people go to the gym expecting quick fixes. These unrealistic expectations are fueled by lack of information, deceptive advertisements and unfortunately, by bad gym trainers. The truth of the matter is that you have to put in time and effort before you can realize any meaningful gains. In fact, a 2004 Study published by the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse concluded that no fitness gains could be made on a six-week exercise program. Personal trainers who promise quick results to you will only leave you disappointed. Unfortunately, many people walk away when they are given realistic time frames for their goals.

2. Focusing on Weight Loss over Muscle Building

People go to the gym with different objectives, but weight loss is one of the most common reasons for most people. Because of that, gym trainers with little experience or training might promote weight loss techniques instead of concentrating on muscle building. Weight loss activities such as cardio, light weight training or other activities that only focus on calorie burn will prove ineffective in the long run. Strength training on the other hand builds a good base for muscles and can help increase resting metabolism and promote maximum calorie burn during exercise. A personal trainer who only promotes weight loss is doing a disservice to you.

3. Not Empowering their Clients

Unfortunately, there are professionals who withhold information from their clients so that they become dependent on them. A good gym trainer should help you to understand why they do a certain set of exercises and even why they do them in a certain order. If people are empowered, they can make positive changes in their lives, and they are likely to trust their trainer more and keep coming back.

4. Promoting Supplements

Most supplements being peddled offer no real help, and most of the perceived benefits are claims without any scientific basis. Some supplements could even be harmful to your health. Usually, you will find a good number of them promising quick weight loss results or abrupt muscle gain. If you find a personal trainer who suggests that you pop pills, you should run and never look back.

5. Body Shaming

A personal trainer should help you think positively and become more confident about yourself. If a trainer makes negative comments about your physical appearance to “motivate” you into putting in more effort, they are doing more harm than good. Body shaming can lead to feelings of guilt and inadequacy and might lead to stress. The problem with stress is that it increases the secretion of Cortisol which increases appetite and cravings. This can, in turn, lead to weight gain.

6. Being Focused on only One Training Style

Obviously, you can’t cover all the training styles available. Depending on personal objectives, your personal trainer might lean on just a few styles. Only focusing on one style is bad for clients because the human body needs to be physically challenged to build resilience, strength, and flexibility.

7. Favoring Intensity over Form

Any good trainer will tell you that its not all about how hard you push yourself; what matters is adopting a proper technique and form. Bad form might not just be bad for reduce meaningful gains from exercise, but can also predispose you to chronic pain, joint instability and can create weak spots.

When seeking out a personal trainer, you must do due diligence first to ensure that you are working with a knowledgeable person and one who has your best interest at heart.

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