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Don’t focus on having a beach body. Focus on being healthy instead.

There’s a lot wrong with the concept of the “beach body”. First, it implies that certain body types are beach ready while others are not. Second, it means you have to achieve a certain standard to enjoy your vacation. The quest for the beach body also gives you permission to live a certain lifestyle during beach season as opposed to other times of the year. Ironically, this thought process won’t help you achieve your ideal body in the long run. Finally, this thought process isn’t a good for your health. When you decide to go into an intensive exercise and diet program, you’re more than likely going to stop at a certain point. You will start to eat unhealthy food and refrain from exercising.

So stay away from the temptation to try and find a quick fix. Instead, focus on creating sustainable habits that will help you get in shape and stay that way. After all, it’s beach season somewhere in the world. Here are some tips for staying in shape throughout the year.

Develop a Routine

Before you become concerned with working on certain body parts, consider training and exercising in broader sense. For example, when you make cupcakes, the first thing you think about isn’t the frosting. You should start with creating a plan that focuses on how many times you want to exercise each week and the quality of your workout.

The frequency of your routine is an important factor in determining your long-term adherence to a plan. Ideally, you should exercise four times a week. You may want to exercise every day, but there’s a good chance you won’t meet your goal and will eventually stop exercising all together. You should aim to improve on your current rate of exercise. Doing this will set you on the right path to improve your fitness habits over time. When you succeed, your success in this area will prompt changes in other aspects of your life.

Eliminate Any Sense of Shame and Consider Your Long-Term Goals

Don’t feel guilty when you enjoy a frappuccino or a slice of pizza. There is nothing to feel guilty about. If you are someone who enjoys a frappuccino, enjoy them. Don’t pretend you are a different person. Instead, act in a manner that matches your values and works with your goals. This may require some mental jiu jitsu, or reframing. For example, if you see yourself as someone who enjoys structure, you will more than likely develop habits that will help you succeed.


The best workout routine is one that you enjoy and willingly participate in. The same logic applies to your diet. If your diet doesn’t match your lifestyle or you are eating food you hate, it’s not the diet for you. Develop a diet that has you eating food you enjoy and compare the diet to your current eating habits. Also, take a positive approach to your diet. You should add more healthy foods your diet, don’t avoid foods. This will help you make healthier choices that align with your lifestyle.


What time of training should you do? You really should do what you enjoy. Engaging in training you enjoy will help you stick to your routine. Try to add things to your work out that you don’t normally do. So, if you only do cardio, try some strength training.


Fat loss is a process that depends on what you eat and how long you sleep. The body releases a growth hormone at night while you sleep. If you are vitamin Z deficient, your body’s systems will have difficulty doing things like building muscle and maintaining your metabolism. If you can’t increase the amount of time you sleep, increase the quality of your sleep. Recovery doesn’t only occur when you sleep. Activities like yoga and massage will also help you recover.

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