5 Ways to Train Like an Olympian

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Have you ever wondered how Olympic Athletes get in such incredible shape? The SHOCKING thing is, many of the world’s most successful Olympic Athletes do NOT spend countless hours in the gym. So when they’re not out perfecting their sport, there are a few ‘secrets’ they use when hitting the gym to get massive results in less time. Below are a few examples that you can work into your own fitness routine.

1. Always Warm Up (and Cool Down)

If you’ve ever watched an Olympic event, you’ll notice that the athletes aren’t just sitting around. Every fitness routine needs a good warm-up, even if you don’t think the overall program is that difficult. Start with about ten minutes of light cardio and then switch over to something a bit more dynamic – skipping, lunges, and other exercises that can help to naturally prevent injuries from over-exertion are a great idea. Once you are finished, make sure you spend some time with recovery exercises as well. While you might not feel like moving around, a little bit of flexibility training can help you to reduce the soreness the next day.

Every boot camp class at Soldierfit has a warm up and a cool down period. This way you can’t forget to take care of your body before and after each workout… and you’ll be less likely to get injured.

2. Get a Coach

You rarely see an Olympic athlete without a coach. Why? Because coaches can help motivate even fantastic athletes to reach their peak performance. While you probably won’t be training with someone all day every day, you may be able to work with a personal trainer to get past some of your own fitness roadblocks. Having a professional around won’t just help you to stay motivated, but it will also help you to figure out a program that really works for you.

Need a coach? Soldierfit can help. Whether you’re interested in taking our boot camp classes, or you’re interested in personal training… Soldierfit’s trainers will motivate you and make you’re doing the moves safely and correctly. Ready to push past that plateau? We’ve got you covered!

3. Change Up the Exercise

Olympic athletes don’t just stick to the usual equipment at the gym. They spend a lot of time working with equipment that helps them to perform more dynamic exercises. Working with gear that helps you work with rotation and diagonal actions will make you much more limber and help to strengthen your body in ways that standard machines can’t match. Get out of the usual gym circuit and start working on something new.

At Soldierfit, you’ll never get bored with your workout. Our qualified trainers make sure every boot camp class is completely different so you’re never bored, and your muscles never get too used to the workout.

4. Wake Up Early

There’s nothing pleasant about getting up at the crack of dawn, but it’s something that’s done by Olympic athletes around the world. Getting your start early on doesn’t just help you to stay motivated – it prevents you from getting distracted by other events in your life. Once you get the workout in, you can tackle the rest of your day with a new perspective.

Ready to get an early start? Soldierfit classes start as early as 5:30am! (Don’t worry we have classes throughout the day… if 5:30am seems just a little bit too early!)

5. Don’t Do It Alone

While many sports require Olympians to compete against their fellow countrymen, there are few Olympians who actually train alone. They spend years honing themselves against the competition, learning from others and begin motivated to do the best they can. Working out with someone else makes you more accountable to your workout and will help you push yourself to your limits. It also gives you a unique chance to learn from someone else who might have a totally different approach to a fitness regimen or routine than you’ve seen before. If you want to succeed, you need a team.

Soldierfit is the ultimate motivational workout. The other people in the class, your fellow “troops”, along with our trained instructors are there to motivate you and push you to be the best you can be every class. No one is going to judge you or put you down. Your “troop” is truly your support system.

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