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We're opening our Bethesda location, soon. Stay in the loop about this amazing fitness program and how you can see the facility, meet our nationally-certified trainers, and try out a free class.

Hands down the best fitness environment I’ve been in. Bootcamp workouts are effective, intense but fun, and unique each time. And you’re surrounded by people who encourage you and push you. The trainers and staff are all amazing. They change your life not only physically but mentally. Challenging yourself every day is one of the most exciting ways to live. It’s all worth it.
– Lea J (Facebook)


Every time you walk through our doors it will be a new experience. We take “troops” who are focused on teamwork and camaraderie and couple them with our nationally-certified trainers to push you through FUN and CHALLENGING, but NON-COMPETITIVE workouts, focused not only on lifting up the weights on the field but you as well! From there, we subtract the guesswork from goals with the latest technology in body analysis and fitness tracking to produce results so good you will probably recruit your friends and family!

With classes starting at 5:30 am and running through till 8:30 pm, you can bet we have a time/location that meets your busy schedule! So what are you waiting for?

What's Included in a Membership?

Unlimited Classes

Unlike most gyms, we offer over 40 classes a week and your membership gets you access to every one of them. Want to work out two evenings and a Saturday morning? Done. Have to frequently change your schedule to accommodate classes or work? No problem.

Certified Trainers

Are you intimidated by some gym equipment? Do you avoid certain drills because they look too difficult? Do you worry about hurting yourself? Our certified trainers will put your mind at ease by introducing you to everything and keeping a close eye throughout your workout.


Ever been to a gym where everyone is wearing headphones and avoiding eye contact? Forget it. At our boot camps, a trainer leads every session. You'll work out with other people, not adjacent to them. You'll talk, laugh, and sweat as a team. Leave those headphones at home.