Want to join a successful, rapidly growing company where your talent, drive, and integrity will be rewarded? If you’re looking for something where the sky is the limit with no ceiling, you’ve come to the right place. SOLDIERFIT is one of the fastest growing exercise companies in the industry.

Change someones Life Today

All of the cadre at SOLDIERFIT is carefully selected. We strive to instill the idea that fitness should be a lifestyle; a fun and entertaining one versus thrashing punishment for coming to class. The bar is set high for prospective employees and remains high throughout employment with the organization. SOLDIERFIT trainer’s criterion is centered around one main principle: the ability to expertly lead a group through challenging exercises while motivating and mentoring the individual “troops” with positive, energetic, and educational input.

While the workouts are not easy, we try our best to foster an environment of positive and friendly encouragement with team/friendship building exercise routines. Our members play a key role in the change and evolution of what we consider their program. As a cadre we personally welcome correspondence from current SOLDIERFIT members regarding any concerns, improvements, and sustains in the program. We want each individual who comes to a SOLDIERFIT class to leave with a sense of pride, improved confidence, an enhanced knowledge of fitness, and a feeling of mental toughness uncommon to a conventional physical fitness routine.

Go Above The Call Of Duty

Here at SOLDIERFIT we take the time to show the appreciation and dedication of our employees. WE LOVE to honor those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. At the end of each year we hand out the following awards:

  • Employee of the year- 500 dollar bonus
  • “Black Hat” of the year-500 dollar bonus
  • “Master Mike Moses Inspiration award”- 500 dollars awarded to the charity of YOUR choice!

Current Job Opportunities
Must be at least 18 years of age.

A Membership Sales Representative will actively pursue enrollment of new members through self generated and company sponsored programs, promotions and referrals. This includes establishing and maintaining leads from outside sources, contacting new businesses for corporate accounts, obtaining leads from existing members, passing out flyers and utilizing software to track appointments and sales.

Consult with appointments and walk-ins to learn their fitness goals, create value on the SOLDIERFIT program, tour potential new members throughout the facility and sell memberships. Become involved in a members fitness quest and earn referrals by providing motivational support and great customer service.

Must be at least 18 years of age.

We are looking for enthusiastic, professional, motivated individuals who enjoy teaching group fitness. You will be responsible for instructing members through their classes and individual workouts.

The instructor and training position requires you to be a positive fitness role model for all members and individual clients. You’ll be expected to treat all clients in a professional and compassionate manner. It is very important that you welcome all members with a warm and friendly disposition. Other basic requirements include: Be on time and prepared for all scheduled classes. Maintain a clean and professional appearance at work. Be polite, responsive and helpful to client, club members and co-workers. Provide client with a productive, challenging and exhilarating workout experience. Follow all rules, policies and procedures of the company.

It is a requirement that all instructors and trainers are certified through an accredited program. If you don’t currently have a certification we can offer a national accredited certification program.

Must be at least 18 years of age.

The position of Member Services is to meet, greet and check-in members and guests.

Duties requite providing excellent customer service to members and support our cadre, updating member account information and using various computer software programs. The job requirements also include answering phones, taking messages and doing light administrative work. Must be assertive, enthusiastic and punctual.