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Contests Bring the Buzz

Recently, SOLDIERFIT launched a contest to award one U.S. military veteran with his or her own franchise location, on top of which we are waiving the winner’s franchise fee and royalties for an entire year. We asked ourselves, how could we promote SOLDIERFIT’s franchise opportunity in a way that will create further buzz about our brand? The answer: Give a franchise away.

Whether you’re a franchise or not, contest giveaways can help increase buzz about your businesses product, service or opportunity. Here are three aspects to think about when considering a promotional contest.

Contests create value. A contest is the perfect way to show both current and prospective customers that you value them, and value their business. It’s important to set up the expectation that you are interested in conducting future business with these individuals, and what better way than through a contest or giveaway?

Contests educate the public about your brand. A contest is so much more than a giveaway; it’s an opportunity to share information about your product or services to the public. This not only builds awareness about your brand, but also shows prospective customers the benefits of your business, whether they walk away with the contest prize or not.

Contests can help your business give back. A contest giveaway can do more than simply help your business. Contests are a way to show the public your business is involved in the local community, organizations and activities outside of the office. An example of this would be to partner with a non-profit. Customers can get behind a business that actively serves in their community.

A contest could be a valuable idea for your business. If you’re interested in learning more about SOLDIERFIT’s veteran franchise giveaway contest, or if you’re a veteran interested in entering, visit our contest website,