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Terms and Regulations

This agreement is made and entered by and between SoldierFit® and the undersigned trainee under the following terms and conditions. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

1. ASSUMPTION OF RISK. I understand that your training involves regimens of highly strenuous athletic and physical fitness activities and recognize that participation in such strenuous activitiesinherently involve health and injury risks, which can be very serious, to include death. I understand and knowingly accept and assume all health injury risks, including death. I represent that Ihave no physical or health issues that might inhibit my participation in your training or might increase my risks. I further represent that I have recently received medical clearance and approvalfrom a physician to participate in highly strenuous exercise activities. I understand that this is my responsibility to regulate the scope and intensity of my participation in each class session sothat I am not overtaxed and I promise that I will do so. I further acknowledge that, by electing to continue participation in class, my assumption of risk will be ongoing and absolute. Lastly, Iacknowledge that any failure on my part to exercise prudence may significantly increase the risks I will incur.

2. WAIVER OF LIABILITY. I hereby release in full and forever discharge and hold harmless, SoldierFit®; its fitness instructors, agents, officers, and employees, whether acting within the scopeof their employment or otherwise, of any liability, losses, costs, damages, expenses, claims, or lawsuits whatsoever for any or all injuries, losses, illnesses, harms, costs, expenses, claims,suits, damages or other claims resulting from, related to, or in any way arising from my participation in SoldierFit® classes. I understand that the owner of and agent for any property wheremy class is to be conducted and/or any class Sponsor will also be a beneficiary of this Waiver of Liability and Release.

3. CONDUCT. In the event that the member fails to conduct himself in the manner agreed upon in this agreement, SoldierFit® shall not be liable for any resulting injury, loss, or damage.

4. MEMBERSHIP CARDS. Members must present their own valid membership card upon entering the facility, and have their picture on the club computer for ID purposes. Lost or stolencards must be replaced for a $5.00 fee.

5. Member is required to be in UNIFORM for all classes.

6. Member may invite Guests, limit 1 visit for the same guest.

7. COLLECTION. In the event it becomes necessary to employ a collection agency or attorney to collect any monies due under the terms of this agreement, the member agreement, the member agrees to pay all costs including reasonable attorney fees.

8. BAD CHECKS/DEBITS. Member agrees to pay a $25 service fee for each bad check, and a $25 fee for each bad debit.

9. SoldierFit® reserves the right to terminate any member, for cause, without refund. If any of this agreement is deemed invalid, the rest remains intact.

10. I understand that my payments are arranged to be made in monthly installments and is not affected by my dues attendance. This agreement requires that lessons are paid for on a monthly basis regardless of whether or not classes are taken.

11. I understand that if I am receiving a discounted gym membership by being a SoldierFit® basic training or PT member and if I cancel my SoldierFit® basic training or PT membership, my gym dues will increase to the current standard monthly rates determined by SoldierFit®.

12.  I understand that my membership is a month-to-month agreement and after that it continues on a month to month basis until I cancel it.

13. I may also freeze my membership only during medical disability. Request must be accompanied by a doctor’s note 5 days prior to your bill date, otherwise your freeze will be applied to the following month and the current months payment will be billed. By placing my membership on freeze I understand that it extends my expiration date. During the duration of your freeze, a$5 Inactive Reserve Fee will be assessed monthly.

14. I understand that my membership is NON-TRANSFERABLE, unless otherwise approved by Soldierfit, in which case a $50 administration fee will be assessed.

15. I hereby give permission to SoldierFit® to use my name and photography likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade and any other lawful purposes.


1. Our business’ registration number with the State’s Consumer Protection Division is E3840.

2. We are not required to carry a performance bond under the Maryland Health Club Services law because we do not accept more than three months’ payment in advance or charge initiationfees over $200.

3. If the program is closed for a month or more, you are entitled to your choice of either an extension of the agreement or a prorated refund. If the closing is not the fault of the business, weare entitled to choose.

4. You have the right to cancel this agreement within three business days after receipt of a copy of this agreement. Cancellation must be in writing, and delivered in person or by certified orregistered mail. If you cancel, you are entitled to a full refund of all monies paid.

5. If you become disabled for at least 3 months during the membership term and the disability is confirmed in writing by a physician, you are entitled to an extension of the agreement. Since we are exempt from the bonding requirement, we cannot collect payments during a member’s disability extension so that we are not holding more than three months’ payment in advance.This notice is an integral part of the application and contract for membership

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Billing Authorization

(to be completed by the customer)

I authorize that CHECKING / SAVINGS / VISA / MASTERCARD / DISCOVER / AMEX for me and post to my account the applicable fees for Soldierfit® by using Soldierfit’s electronic funds transfer. This authorization shall remain in effectuntil I cancel my membership. Unpaid balances will roll over to the next month debit.

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SAVE $180
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$ 19
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Gym Hours

5 AM - 9 PM
5 AM - 9 PM
8 AM - 1 PM
8 AM - 1 PM

*SOLDIERFIT gym hours may vary among locations. Check your location's page for more info.