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22 Reasons We Started a Non-Profit

Every day, 22 military service members will take their own lives due to Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). 22 men and women who bravely served their country, only to find themselves lost mentally and emotionally upon their arrival home. Here at SOLDIERFIT, we fight to make a difference.

We ask ourselves, how can a military-inspired fitness organization make a difference in struggling veterans’ lives? As a veteran himself, my partner Danny Farrar, co-owner and CEO of SOLDIERFIT, understands what these brave soldiers are going through. Because of this, we created 22 Needs a Face.

22 Needs a Face is a non-profit organization that exists to combat against the number of service member suicides in our nation. We do this by restoring the camaraderie that veterans are missing from their time in the services, educating the masses about the true danger of PTS and how to keep those suffering from PTS from being denied opportunities for careers or promotion upon their return home.

22 Needs a Face works directly with our fitness franchise, SOLDIERFIT, to provide veterans with a franchise opportunity where they can thrive in a career that will also help them battle PTS. We offer a 50 percent discount on franchise locations to qualified veterans, and provide support throughout the process.

We can’t let PTS win. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help our nation’s veterans, visit 22 Needs a Face and start making a difference today.